Review: The Seep by Chana Porter

Review by Miranda M.

Book releases January 21, 2020

Overall Rating 8/10

Summary: The Seep, by Chana Porter, is the story about a middle-aged trans woman, Trina, who is trying to survive an alien invasion. After the human race is defined differently now there are many who don’t agree with what’s going on but then there are some who believed in this new life-changing event. Deeba, Trina’s wife, was one of those who believed in this new movement. Using the new technology, Seeptech, it gives Deeba the chance to be reborn as a baby and move on to a new existence. While Trina is learning to cope with all the changes in her life she comes across a lost boy who she follows across the country. Along the way she embarks I’m trying to figure out who the boy is, and save home from the Steep she finds her new self along the way.

Review: At first, the novel started with aliens and as I am not a huge Syfy reader it took me a while to get into but I can honestly say once I got into it the book was surprisingly good. This book doesn’t play by any of the normal rules of writing and keeps you guessing what is going to happen next. If you’re like me and Syfy isn’t in your category of book choices don’t write this one off yet. I think this is a great book to ease into the genre as it may have aliens but it’s more about love, loss and finding the ability to move on.

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