Review: The Remaking by Clay McCleod Chapman

Review By Peter R.

Overall Rating 8/10

Summary: As the tagline says, some stories refuse to die. The book is 4 interconnected, but different retellings of a ghost story, each approximately 20 years apart, beginning with the “true” events of a mother and daughter witch family (Ella Louise and Jessica) burned at the stake in 1930s Virginia and buried separately. The remainder of the book is the spirits of Ella Louise and Jessica attempting to reunite with each other through a ghost story around a campfire in the 1950s, a movie production in the 1970s based on the ghost story, a remake of the movie in the 1990s and finally an Urban Legend busting podcast of the current day. All myths can be busted…or can they?

Review: The story was well written and was a well-conceived concept from beginning to end. The interconnection between the four parts of the book kept the narrative flowing despite the seeming plot repetition. At times the story got a little slow and plodding but picked right back up. The last 100 pages or so were almost impossible to put down.

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