Review The Presidents by Brian Lamb, Susan Swain and C-Span

Review by Peter R.

Overall Review: 7/10

Summary: This book is a summary of many biographies written about our nation’s presidents. C-SPAN sent out a list of different categories and asked about 100 historians to rank each president in all of the categories. The same survey was performed in 2000, 2009 and 2017 following the departure of each president from the Oval Office. The write-up for each president is based on transcripts from a C-SPAN televised interview with the author of a book about that president.

Review: Since the chapter on each president is written by a different author, the book has very little flow from one president to the rest and some chapters are borderline unreadable. The part that kept me reading was to get to the bottom-ranked presidents to see how bad they really were. I consider myself a student of history so there was little that I learned, but learn I did. It was a mostly interesting read in the beginning and the end. The middle presidents seemed to drag…mainly due to their terms being somewhat forgettable. Worth picking up for the History Buff in the family.

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