Review: The Last Widow by Karen Slaughter

Review by Kenneth Spoerl

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Overall Rating: 7/10 Stars

Kidnappings. Explosions. Bioterrorism. Radical Nationalism. Sara Linton, medical examiner and her partner Will Trent investigate a deadly conspiracy that threatens thousands of innocent lives.

During the investigation, Sara gets kidnapped. Will must go undercover to save her and prevent mass murder while putting his life on the line for the woman and country that he loves.

Review: Karin Slaughter pulls from past and present headlines to write a scenario of extreme hate; a cautionary tale of what could happen anywhere in the world. The story plods along for the first half of the book. Then picks up speed toward an action-packed, exciting ending. Previous Karin Slaughter books have more “couldn’t put Down-ness”. Overall, Slaughter’s latest effort is good and should satisfy most of her fans.

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