Review: The Adventurer’s Son by Roman Dial

Review By Peter R.

Pre-order now- Releases January 22, 2020

Overall Rating: 10/10

Summary: The Adventurer’s Son follows Roman Dial’s relationship and searches for his son, who went missing in the jungle of Costa Rica. The heart-breaking tale runs the gamut from laughter to tears, intellect to inanity. Crossing Arctic tundra and Tropical Jungle and everything in between, Roman shows the depth a parent will go to in order to find closure.

Review: Unlike Into the Wild, this book shows a father willing to give up everything to find his son. The background of the adventurous lives both Father and son shared (together and alone) set the stage for the search once Cody goes missing. With equal parts doubt and surety, Roman asks the question everyone does…what could I have done differently? Written in the vein of a classic adventure novel, the book draws you in and traps you in the pages…begging to not be put down.

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