Review: That Left Turn at Albuquerque by Scott Phillips

Review by: Peter R.

Book available now for pre-order, Releases on March 3, 2020

Overall Rating 6/10

Summary: A conceited, but unethical, the attorney gets wrapped up in a drug deal gone wrong and tries to hide the consequences through various schemes that always seem to go wrong. Then add in relationship problems and intrigue, a rich client who’s dying, and his greedy family. Everyone thinks they are acting for each other but are actually in it for themselves, except for the one guy you’d think would be in it for himself.

Review: Typical crime-embezzlement-forgery story. Quite convoluted, lots of interconnecting characters and stories with an unexpected twist. The story had a tendency to drag in the beginning and finally ramped up around halfway through. Good for rainy day entertainment.

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