Review: Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson

Review by Mirand M

Release Date: October 29, 2019

Overall Rating 9/10 stars

Summary: The story starts years before when Lillian and Madison meet at a prestigious boarding school. Coming from two very different worlds they become instant best friends. When scandal hits the pair it ruins their friendship and ends up going separate ways. That is until years later Lillian gets a letter from Madison begging her for help.

Madison is married to a high power politician who wants to continue to move up and they won’t let anything ruin his chances of winning. This includes his twin children who are about to move in that randomly burst into flames. That’s when Madison asks Lillian to come and be their caretaker. With Lillian feeling like her life is at a standstill she hesitantly agrees to move in to take care of these kids because how hard could it be?

Bessie and Rolland recently lost their mother and now are moving into a house where they don’t exactly fit in. Feeling rejected and alone they continue to act out, that is until they realize Lillian is genuinely trying to help them. Lillian surprises herself with how much she starts to care for these kids and realizes that she needs them just as much as they need her.

Review: This is my first time reading a book by Kevin Wilson. I must say I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would. It is a story about finding ones self, friendships, money, commitment and love … with some dark humor along the way. I highly recommend this book, even if it doesn’t sound like something you would normally read… try it, you won’t be disappointed!!

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