Review: Mother Knows Best by Kira Peikoff

Review by Darlene G.

On Sale September 10, 2019

Overall Rating 6/10

Summary: In today’s society technology enters almost every area of our lives from our cellphones to our entertainment equipment and even our bedrooms. Technology has greatly improved medical science. However, the application of specific technologies medical issues but also social, moral, religious, and individual rights concerns which are presented to the reader of Mother Knows Best by Kira Peikoff to decide. Presented in the first person, the main characters of a family reveal how they are facing such dilemmas. It is up to the reader of Mother Knows Best by Kira Peikoff to decide whether decisions made by the main characters are correct.

Review: Mother Knows Best, an easy to read book, is jumbled a bit in the beginning until the reader understands somewhat from what standpoint it is written. The reader then starts to understand the character’s position in the family and other central characters and their motivations. A family of three is center stage but there is a mystery that the parents keep from the 12-year-old daughter and their community. In the beginning, we know that she had had an older brother that somehow died and they are making a pilgrimage to his favorite place. We can tell the family dynamics are skewed. Neither Mom nor Dad will answer questions about the boy. This is the only time Mom will leave the house. She appears to have a mental health issue. We wonder why Mom is concerned about a dead son to the exclusion of providing emotional care to her daughter. The daughter is remarkably well. In fact, she is never sick. She is attractive, intelligent and precocious like any other child would be in this situation. We are lead through the world of in vitro fertilization, the creation of embryos from various sources. Most of this is well known to us. The twist is who, what, why and what are the consequences. Not my favorite sci-fi thriller but it’s a good summer read.

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