Review: Infinity Son by Adam Silvera

Review By Peter R.

EDIT TO ADD: Here’s the Book Trailer –

On a planet Earth where Celestials are born with supernatural powers, fantastical creatures still exist, and Spell Casters (unaccepting their lack of powers) stop at nothing to gain control, 2 brothers born without powers (one desiring them and one not) get caught up in a global war of discrimination. When one brother shockingly discovers their latent abilities, their lives are thrown into disarray and danger. The life or death battle against discrimination, extinction and power-hungry politicians and spell casters mirror our own nation’s current political climate. Setting the stage for the rest of the series, Infinity Son is a fast-paced adventure and a fantastic initial foray into the YA Fantasy genre.

This novel addresses many of the issues facing youth and adults alike, namely how to be comfortable in your own skin and accepting of both yourself and others. While the main story addresses coming to terms with having supernatural powers or not, it can be read as also coming to terms with one’s own sexuality. Written with LGBTQ undertones, without being explicit, allows the reader to feel the characters’ pain, uncertainty, anxiety, acceptance and also the rejection of others and themselves. Wonderfully written kick-off to a series that can have a big impact on our society.

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