Review: Big Lies in a Small Town by Diane Chamberlain

Book Reviewed by Darlene G.

Book Releases January 14, 2020

Overall Rating 10/10

Summary: Diane Chamberlain set her Big Lies In a Small Town in Edenton, North Carolina. The story follows two separate young women from two separate time periods who come to live in the town for similar reasons. They seem to be connected in some way but that is part of the mystery.Additionally, both seem to be connected to a famous African American artist Jesse Williams.

In the 1930’s a contest was held for an artist to paint a mural, 12 feet by 6 feet, for Edenton to be hung in the post office. Anna Dale was the artist chosen by a committee in D.C. to complete the mural even though a local artist had entered the contest. Anna Dale moves to Edenton to paint the mural however it was never completed.

The mural was stored by Jesse Williams in his large home in Edenton. Jesse has passed away and his daughter Lisa is named as the executor of his will which has some odd requests. She contacts Morgan Christopher in jail to complete the mural at the request of her father’s will in exchange for Morgan’s release from prison. Morgan agrees even though she is only an art student and not a restorer.

Review: The story is written in the first person by both of the artists, Anna in the 1930’s, and Morgan in the current day in alternating chapters. Neither artist are accepted by the community. Morgan is obsessed with Anna Dale and delves into her past through research at the library, online resources, and local persons. She is living temporarily in Jesse Williams former bedroom and finds clues there as well. Morgan’s search for the truth about Anna drives the plot until it’s the surprising end. I couldn’t wait to read another chapter in this revealing plot.


  • Caryl Kasner
    February 23, 2020

    I loved the book. It held my interest from the first page. Great novel..
    I love all her books:


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