Review: All The Devils Are Here Louise Penny

Review by Colleen Allen

Overall Rating 9/10

Summary: Reine Marie, Gamache, and Stephen Horowitz are in Paris to visit Daniel and his family, and Annie and Jean Guy and Honore because Annie is due any day with a daughter. There is a happy family reunion to start the novel, but things quickly go south from there. While walking home from dinner, Stephen is hit by an SUV. Gamache and Reine Marie feel certain that he was targeted. And so begins the interesting, at times nail biting, investigative dance for ‘who done it’ between Gamache ( with help from Jean Guy and Reine Marie and Daniel) and Claude Dussault, Prefect of the police in Paris. There are lots of wrong paths and twists and turns in this novel reminding us that things are not always what they seem to be. When Gamache and Reine Marie go to Stephen’s apartment, they find his associate has been murdered there. We find out Stephen got Daniel his job at the bank, Gamache got Jean Guy his job, and we find out why starting at about age 9, Daniel shut his dad out. Stephen was about to expose a great criminal empire- and while people die in the novel- thank goodness none of the good guys do.

Review: This book is certainly worth reading! It is a nail biter form about 1/2 on. The character development of the central characters is fleshed out more for the reader. The writing, as always, is par excellence! We miss our friends-Ruth,Clara, Myrna, Gabri and the whole merry bunch. So glad that the family goes “home” to 3 Pines. We anxiously await the next novel!

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