The Stable Elf


New Paperback Becky Titelman

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Having the weight of Christmas on your shoulders can be enough for anyone, and for one small elf named Jingle, that is exactly what happened. Plunge into Jingle’s adventures as he discovers an odd reindeer and heads straight into one of the most exciting Christmas tales of all time. With the help of his best friend, Flick, Jingle must see to it that Christmas pulls off without a hitch. And if that means jumping onto the big man’s sleigh and going along for the ride, then that’s just what Jingle will do! Come along as this little elf battles a raging ice storm, giggles over a beautiful girl elf named Cicle, convinces Santa that Christmas can be saved, and circles the globe on a flying sleigh! After all, if Jingle can’t save Christmas, who will?


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