Tales from an Ex-Husband


New Paperback Signed Harry Carpenter Imagine it…. You’re sitting at a bar, restaurant or other public hangout. You can’t help it, but you overhear a conversation. The content catches your ear. It’s someone’s personal story, struggle and woes.

Not to be a Nosey Nelly, you try to overhear this guy telling his table of buddies a horrendous tale of love, life, and betrayal. It sounds like he went through an ordeal. It’s free gossip. It’s juicy news. It’s also comforting to hear you weren’t alone in your nasty blowout relationship.

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New Signed Paperback The story delves deep into personal experiences, tragedies, and most of all, abuse. Chapter by chapter the story unfolds to explore the turbulent relationship with an ex-wife, from meeting back in High School to the ultimate fall of the relationship at the hands of extramarital relationships.

Along the way, many people were players in this tale of love, hate, and humor. As it unfolds, the tale will prove humorous, serious, and just plain old head-shaking crazy.

Dodging and weaving the crazy, we will go through various mental stages, crazy WTF moments, and sometimes comical points in time throughout the journey.


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