Spooky Tales and Scary Things


New Signed Paperback Harry Carpenter

A compilation of short stories. The stories are written based on true-ish stories that happened, or almost happened.

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The General:An ordinary night. An ordinary guy. Freddy had no idea what he was in for. A demon who can pass from person to person, just by the sheer mention of his story. Plagued by this demon named The General, Freddy is faced with the decision to pass this curse off to someone else, or meet his ultimate end at the hands of this ancient being.Demon Dog:Young Robin is plagued by nightmares of an evil dog. The dog shows up in nightmares, and she cannot break away from how vivid the dreams are. Scared to go to bed, afraid of the dark, and terrified of the closet is standard fare for the average 8-year-old, but what if there was more to be seen lurking in the shadows? Bathell: The Demon Bathell. An urban legend told between friends who are very unassuming that he is real. Once conjured, Bathell will haunt and hunt you, killing you in the most terrifying way: Using your worst fear as your death device. Reaching into your mind, it pulls out what terrifies you most, to ensure your end is the most unpleasant possible.


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