Questionable Content 1-6 used


Used Paperback Like New condition


Since 2003, Jeph Jacques’ online comic strip Questionable Content has entertained hundreds of thousands of readers with its funny stories of the friendships, romances, and heartbreaks of a bunch of Northampton, Mass indie rock kids (and their robot roommate). A sitcom in comics form, the daily strip follows the misadventures of Marten, Dora, Faye, Steve, and Pintsize, the foul-mouthed AnthroPC. This second collection contains episodes 301-600, in which Dora’s brother Sven is introduced, Marten joins the band Deathmøle, Faye reveals the truth of what happened to her father, and we meet some lady named Hannelore. The book also contains guest comics Jeph’s made for other webcomics over the years, bonus sketches and art from this era of the strip, and author commentary on every strip.


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