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Discovering real beauty is understanding the true heart of a person.

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Katelyn Brawn

At eight years old I sat down at my kitchen table with a box of Crayola 64 count crayons and off white construction paper to create a picture book full of colorful images for my mother. Sitting her down, I walked her step by step through an epic tale of a flower that gets blown away from a field to journey on the wind. The adventure flew through cities and towns the flower had never seen before finally settling home again with its family. That was the day my mother knew I was destined to be a story teller. She always said I was natural performer, never without a skip and a song. But on that day, she knew this would be my destiny. Now, over two decades later, I’m so excited to finally share my stories with the world. My name is Katelyn Marie Brawn, I’m a born and raised Baltimorean since the year 1988. I come from a loving family of two rock steady parents and a younger brother that is the coolest young man you’ll ever meet. My favorite creature on the entire planet is my five year old mutt Rosie. I honestly think I like her more than most people (if you knew her you’d be forced to agree with me). Besides Rosie, there’s nothing is this world I love more than a hot cup of tea, a blanket to crochet, and an old rerun of MURDER SHE WROTE. Yes, it’s true, I was born a ninety year old woman. Just to spice things up I sport a tattoo addiction to go along with my pleated skirts and double string of pearls. Because I’ve always been the girl that couldn’t settle on a hobby, I’m involved in many things. I teach artistic roller skating, craft beaded jewelry, and can bake a mean cupcake. I love mentoring my group of skaters. It’s the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. These girls are the true inspiration behind the books that I intend to write. PUMPKIN PIE is the first of these stories. I love fairy tales! However, I’m certain there’s more substance to the story beyond the traditional tale. Using a modern context and setting, I want to show girls that happily ever after isn’t out of reach, even in the darkest of situations. I want them to see that they aren’t alone in the issues they face every day, both big and small. My mama says I was destined to be a storyteller. I hope to do her proud.


In her hometown of Harpersgrove, Bella Southland is considered odd. A homeschooled, early high school graduate, she’s not into parties and never had a boyfriend. Besides, boys in books are better. This is a truth that Bella knows universally. She’d rather lose herself in the pages of classic than in the terrifying universe of teenage dating. With a waistline that leaves much to be desired, she’s never considered herself the object of anyone’s affections.

When an unexpected opportunity arises, Bella is forced away from her comfort zone, family, and friends. Isolated in a mysterious world where not everyone is as they seem, she must forge onward to find confidence, acceptance, and unconditional love. Most of all, Bella must summon a courageous heart and become the heroine of her own story.


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