FUBAR: Blackout


New Paperback Signed Harry Carpenter

Imagine waking up to your entire world being FUBAR…

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Iraq, 2009. Army Specialist Jason Chantry was at his wit’s end with a complacent, dull deployment. That all changed for him on a fateful night. Blood, bodies, and destruction as far as the eye could see. Chantry and his fellow squad members were admin, not door kicking infantrymen! Together, they’ll scream, shoot, and, did we mention scream? They’ll get their way to wherever they can figure is safe by any means necessary.

Part one of an epic four-book series, Blackout is only the start of what’s to come.

“The book was dope, I can’t wait for the next one!” -Ronnie S.

“Only working around military people, Harry developed a great environment with real characters. I have some questions that the next book needs to answer!” -Tom

As a former soldier in the United States Army, Harry always found discrepancies with non-military or non-law enforcement writers trying to write their assessment on what it feels like to be in the middle of turmoil. Harry worked hard to ensure accuracy with every aspect of the military, only having to worry about injecting monsters into the story. Every detail was considered. The comradarie. The smell of the country. The feel of the recoil of a weapon. The taste of fear.


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