Phase ONE!

Hello! Thank you all for being so patient while we continually update and grow during this time. We are a retail store and “allowed to open” under the phase one orders in Maryland however, we’ve designed our own phase one for specific reasons.

The store is now offering what I’m calling Counter Service. Simply stop by the table at our front door while wearing your mask and I’ll be here to bring up anything you’d like to look at or hand you your pre-ordered purchases! I’m also still offering delivery if you’d like but it might only be one day every other week depending on when, where and how many orders we have.

I know a lot of people want to come in and browse. I appreciate that so much! But here’s the thing, a lot of people in my life can very easily be strongly affected by this virus. I really don’t want to expose them to it. I also care about all my customers and would be upset to know any of them caught it. (I know of at least one customer already who’s life was turned upside down by it. )

The best way I know how to keep all my neighbors (that’s you,) safe is by cleaning every book that a customer handles. Sure, Walmart and Target aren’t doing anything like that but it’s something I know I can do at my level if I can provide the highest level of customer service. If you want me to bring you 100 books – sure I’ll do that! I’ll also even make stacks of book suggestions for you in advance if you give me a heads up you’re coming in.

Again, I understand the longing to get out of the house and browse the bookstore but I just ask that you continue to be patient while we do our best together. Soon I will announce specific hours that I’ll be here for the Counter Service. Just like so many of you, I’m homeschooling now and have to make sure that the kiddo completes her tasks so I have to take that time into consideration when making the store hours.

I am also accepting donations again and am happy to schedule a time to pick up but for now if you can call before coming I’d appreciate it. The donations are left out in the sun for the time being and then left in a “quarantine corner” for a few days. They are also wiped down after that.

Finally, remember, you can order ahead by checking our website in stock list, emailing me- or checking out our audio or ebook sites. Thank you, thank you, thank you again.


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