I’m Back!

What an awesome time! I learned a lot from my fellow booksellers and saw so many beautiful titles from publishers. I ordered from two new to me publishers – one that most of you will probably be familiar with – so I can get some more local interest books in.

One thing I learned about was bookfairs – having them in-store and in schools. If your group, troop or school needs to do a fundraiser send me an email if you’re willing to be a “guinea pig” and earn some cash. We will get you scheduled for the spring.

Another thing I learne about was asking for author events. I made sure to learn more about this so I can prepare for when we have a larger event space and so I can request authors you want! If you hear of a book coming out – the sooner you tell me the better- I’m happy to work on getting those authors to come and find locations appropriate for their crowd.

I am also loaded up with tons of books that I would love for you to review for me. If you’re interested in doing a review, text me or call (410) 929- 6081 before you come to the store to make sure I’m there and I’ll give you a book. There is a really simple form to fill out when you’re done and you can just bring your book back and swap it out for another.


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  • Check our events calendars here on the site or on facebook for all the things we have going on over the next few months
  • Check the pre-orders page so you can get exclusive things like signed copies or pins when books are released with special pre-order only goodies

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