How can you help us right now?

The absolute most important thing you can do for us as a small business right now is have patience with us. We are all being inundated with requests to help, solutions that require applications and data gathering, working in new ways including learning web design and apps.

Last week I had a lot of stress and anxiety because I really wanted to make sure I was helping everyone as fast as I could but then, we had a weekend of sunshine and I was able to get outside a bit. I started this week with a new way of organizing but there is still a lot I need to learn about “Working From Home” in a business that was based on personal interactions.

Booksellers have received tremendous support from industry organizations like BINC, the ABA and our regional groups (NAIBA in my case but they are all coming together really.) One form of support has been twice-weekly Covid Coffee breaks via Zoom which offers booksellers an open forum to get together and talk about whatever we want to from what we’re reading to questions we have about how to work or what’s working and what’s not. It’s been pretty helpful.

I’ve taken in a lot of information about what the directives our state has been given, the progress we’ve made locally to prevent the spread of this virus and the well-being of my own family and my personal mental health. I’ve also seen how amazing the community has been at supporting each other while remaining physically distanced.

One of my resources is THIS Maryland Government site which provides details about what is considered essential. “We also encourage companies to find other methods to continue providing services, whether that is through remote-assistance or off-site delivery services.” While bookstores are not specifically listed we are also a business that supports education as I’ve had many teachers reach out to request materials to use during this time and parents asking for books to keep their kids from falling behind in school and away from the screen.

My store has been closed and no new books have come into the shop in over a week. The following clips from the World Health Organization website also came into play during my research. –

All of that information lead me to the outcome that says, KEEP GOING! So the best way I can think of to do that is by continuing to offer local delivery of books I have in stock, finding the best way to ship books and learning how to set up a website with live inventory.

If you want local delivery of books please email me what you’re looking for- – and add “request” or “Order” to the subject line so I can see it/search most easily. Please provide a phone number with your order. I will only be scheduling 5 deliveries per day and I will only be leaving the packages on porches and communicating when they are being delivered. Please know too that I am taking every precaution with every book and package. We are NOT doing curb pick. I’m providing delivery because I am one person leaving packages versus people trying to come in and out of my business.

If you’re not sure what you want and you’d like a personal, virtual shopping appointment I can do a video call and walk you through the store. Again, just send me an email and we can set that up!

If you still want to help but I don’t have your books on hand I’ll refer you to all our links on our Shop Tab-

New Books:

Audio Books:


Finally, Thank you for reading all the way down here. It means more to me than you’ll ever know. 🙂

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