We are open Monday and Tuesday by Appointment only. This allows me, Liz, to run errands, pick up large quantities of books people want to donate, and make sure everything outside of the store is in order for opening hours.

  • Wednesdays thru Fridays open 10a- 7p
  • Saturdays 9a-7p
  • Sundays 9a- 4p

Our address is 37 North Main St Suite 102 Bel Air Maryland 21014

Please don’t hesitate to call or text if you have a question – 410-929-6081.

We are located BEHIND the Armory, that big castle-looking
building on Main Street. If you’re walking up Main Street you’ll see a sign that looks like this- Follow the arrow through the park along the side of the Armory. It’s a red brick path!

If you’re local you might remember our spaces as unsightly garages across from the elementary school. The Town of Bel Air has done a great job of flipping them into incubator businesses. To learn more about what this means visit this link- https://www.belairmd.org/524/Armory-Marketplace