Filling in the empty spaces

The New Bookstore

Hey all! Since we’re moving all online I owe you a blog. My goal will be to write something weekly at least to update you beyond our newsletter. Last week I moved the bookstore into it’s new home, my garage. The above photo is the before. It’s not that pretty but I’m really looking forward to decorating it. I even have some of the blue paint left over from the bookstore that I plan on putting on that back wall to bring even more of the old space into the new.

This week I’m doing a virtual conference which you might have seen some special posts on our social media about but I’m also going to take some time to reshelve the books and organize everything we have in inventory. I thought I was really good at weeding out some older books but having packed and moved them… I guess I wanted to hold on to too much. Every day I’m adding more to the website, pre-orders, used books and so much great art to add over the coming weeks. Please don’t hesitate to email me if there is anything you’re looking for and don’t see on the website. Thank you all so much for your support and your patience in this time!

Bookcases going into place
Bookcases stacked
The other garage with allllll the books. (It’s about 6 boxes wide x 6 boxes deep x 5 boxes tall)


  • Jan
    September 29, 2020

    Sad to hear this. Not surprised, with pandemic and all.

    • capbooksadmin
      October 8, 2020

      Oh no, I’m sorry- what are you sad about? We’ve doubled in how we can help people now! We were able to do so much more business with delivery because libraries were closed and we were operating from home during the pandemic. Why pay rent when I can bring the business to you with book fairs and special recommendations?


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