How do we get our used books?

Our books come to us mostly through donations. We are no longer offering store credit. We accept donations during our weekday opening hours. Please note that we usually have a high volume of customers on weekends and may not be able to assist you if you choose to donate during the weekend hours.

If you make a donation to us of 20 or more sellable books you can request to become a member. Donor Members save 20% on used books and 10% on new books for one year from their initial donation.

We do not offer cash for books. If you prefer cash, please consider Ukazoo Books located in Towson.

What kind of materials are we looking for?

We take all kinds of books including ripped and torn material. We also like maps, atlases, encyclopedias, coloring books and sheet music. We will also take cleaned glass jars with smooth sides for crafts and both new and used greeting cards. The used ones we trim up to make bookmarks for local schools/libraries.

What kind of materials are not accepted?

We do not accept water damaged, moldy or musty books. In Harford County those can be recycled with your regular curbside recycling pick up.

We do not deal in antiquarian or rare books. We would suggest Kelmscott Books in Baltimore.