How do we get our used books?

Donation: We take small boxes or bags of books any time we are open. If you have a larger quantity you’d like to donate you can schedule an appointment. We also offer pickup for larger quantities.

Store Credit Trade In: We can look at up to 20 books anytime we are open for store credit. If you have more than that and would like store credit please make an appointment. For appointments, you will leave your books with us and we will reach out to let you know the amount added to your account. To make an appointment call or text 410-929-6081 or email .

We do not offer cash for books. If you prefer cash, please consider Ukazoo Books located in Towson.

What kind of materials are we looking for?

We take all kinds of books including ripped and torn material. We also like maps, atlases, encyclopedias, coloring books and sheet music.

What kind of materials are not accepted?

We do not accept water damaged, moldy or musty books. In Harford County those can be recycled with your regular curbside recycling pick up.

We do not deal in antiquarian or rare books. We would suggest Kelmscott Books in Baltimore.