Book Review: Lambslide by Ann Patchett

Review by Miranda K.

Overall rating 8/10

Summary: The Lambslide by Ann Patchett is about a group of lambs that mistake the farmer saying landslide for “lambslide.” Once they hear this they are determined to get their lambslide. They go around asking all the farm animals if it’s okay they build their lambslide. Once they have everyone’s vote they start making signs to let the farmers know what they want. When the farmers agree to help build this lambslide but has to make sure all the farm animals are included.

Review: As a parent reading this book Patcher is subtle in showing exactly how democracy works. All while showing including everyone is so important. Also, the very end of the book in one line makes a great point of being thankful for what you have and that’s something we teach to our children. Reading this to my little one they definitely enjoyed the pictures and animals more than the underlining meaning of the story but probably due to their young age but love of reading. It’s a good book that could be used to teach inclusion and learning you don’t always get what you want.

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