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Today Mikita Brottman, Author of An Unexplained Death: The True Story of a Body at the Belvedere joined us for a private meeting with our Well Read= Not Dead Book Club at AleCraft. She brought her dog, Oliver, who is mentioned in the book.

This books is a wonderfully written web of conspiracy theories, history and seemingly unrelated dark tangents that really come together as part auto-biography part investigation report. The author was delightful to have at our private meeting, offering further insight into the tangents and helping us understand her own perspective.

Well-Read = Not Dead Book Club with Author Mikita Brottman

Later that afternoon the author joined us at the store to connect with people who had read the book and those who were interested in the story. We had 9 people in attendance. Ms. Brottman read a chapter from her book, then discussed it a bit and opened the floor to questions. Several people had great thoughts to share.

Thanks to everyone who joined us and we hope to have Mikita back in the future.

Now in stock we have several other titles written by Mikita including The Maximum Security Book Club, Solitary Vice, The Great Grisby and High Theory/Low Culture and of course there are still some copies of An Unexplained Death.

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