Hello! For some of you it might be your first time here, others you might check in frequently. Either way, I hope you’ll bookmark (pun partially intended) us so you can follow on our journey.

I spend a lot of time online- social media, reading news, researching things. I know the internet can be a frustrating place sometimes. With Covid, a lot of us turned to the internet to find our community that we couldn’t experience in person. I was happy to help and reach so many people and be a fun place on facebook, instagram and youtube even. Taking that information into account and some other ideas I have we are mixing things up a bit.

We’ve decided to move our community online and into a pop-up model. This will allow me to be where YOU are more often and to build a place where you can come anytime, regardless of hours. I will be able to bring you events with authors and artists online and partner with businesses you already frequent, and markets you already go to so we can build the community together.

I want to leave the Armory Marketplace with a bang so please mark your calendars as we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary, the closing of these doors, the opening of new ones, and INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE DAY with some of the magnificent neighbors we’ve made during our time here – AUGUST 29.

  • I’m still taking special orders and fulfilling any requests.
  • I’ll be taking donations until August 1 .
  • If you have a gift card you can use it in store or reach out ( and I’ll give you a code for you to use it online!
  • I’ll also still be supporting our artists by listing their items on the website and doing events with them online.

Those are the main points I think will come up as questions but please reach out to if you can think of anything else! Don’t forget to bookmark this site and check out our facebook, instagram and youtube page for all our events in the future.

3 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT!”

  1. Thank you for being a part of Armory Marketplace the last two years. You will be missed! We look forward to watching Caprichos Books continue to grow on-line.

  2. I am so excited for you, Liz! It was clear to me the first time I met you in Caprichos Books that you were in the right vocation. But seeing you in all your positive and wide-reaching AWESOMENESS these last months – well – you have found your true niche – your calling! You are someone that builds bridges, that solves problems, that embraces everyone, truly. I’m so happy to see your passion blossom even more in this new direction. The community is so much richer with you in it. Thank you!

  3. I am so excited for your new venture and I wish you TONS of success but I am going to miss you so much as a neighbor 😢

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