Review: The Whispers

Reviewed by Austin K. Age 10

The Whispers is a book about Riley. Riley’s mom disappeared and Riley had to face the emotional problems about losing her. Needing to get her back, Riley set off to find the whispers, the magical creatures that Riley was told about. Will he find his mom? Read to find out.

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Review: The Age of Light

By Miranda K.

This book was released TODAY February 5, 2019. I have 2 copies in the store if you’re interested in reading for yourself.

            Whitney Scharer’s first novel “The Age of Light” follows the life of Lee Miller and her passion for photography and independence.  After being the one in front of the camera since she was a little girl, Lee decided she needed a change in her life.  That change would take her on a journey I don’t believe she expected but one that put her on the map as a woman in history who pushed against the beliefs of the time period.

            In the late 1920s, Lee decides to take control of her life, move to Paris and challenge herself behind the camera lense. Moving to Paris she met a much older man, Man Ray, with whom she begins to have a professional and romantic relationship with. He initially teaches her about photography but as she begins to thrive and surpass him in the photography world he becomes possessive of her and her work. Over the years her interest in her relationship declines and eventually she breaks away. She wanted to challenge herself in her art and in doing so became most known for her photography during World War II.  Her journey shows the struggles and success’ of a woman trying to succeed on her own in a time period when the norm was being known as a housewife.

            Scharer’s writing is absolutely brilliant in her debut.  Jumping between historical events in time, including easier times in Paris to World War II, it helps create a very detailed picture of how historical events affected Lee’s life. Scharer makes you want to continue reading until the very end. I absolutely enjoyed this book and would recommend it not just to historical fiction fans but to anyone looking for a great read!

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